BioGaia Production AB


  • Production of BioGaia drops, Easy Dropper, MiniPack and samples
  • GMP pharma certified
  • Product development
  • Laboratory


BioGaia Pharma


  • BioGaia Pharma AB is a subsidiary to BioGaia AB applying 25 years of probiotic experience to the research and development of new microbial therapeutic platforms.
  • Through an established network of research institutions and companies, BioGaia Pharma’s mission is to match early research on candidates from the microbiome with unmet medical needs to develop drug platforms.
  • Formed: June 2017
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Areas of focus: infectious diseases
  • inflammatory and gastrointestinal disorders





  • Providing innovative packaging solutions allowing the development of new unique beverages
  • Exclusive LifeTop™ Cap and LifeTop™ Straw supplier





36% owned by BioGaia
Development of next generation probiotics

  • MetaboGen works to develop products from novel bacterial strains, targeted for precise indications and
    derived from the human gut microbiome
  • Products may be food supplements, or drugs, depending on the indication and the preference of future
  • MetaboGen provides BioGaia with access to front-line development of next generation microbial products, including regulatory development in this emerging field




A BioGaia Foundation against Antibiotic Resistance

A BioGaia CSR initiative that supports research and education within the area of antibiotic resistance by: Giving financial support to research and education that helps to prevent infections which reduces the use of antibiotics and the risk of antibiotic resistance. Activities:

  • Twitter account (@ResResistance)
  • Monthly newsletter – Resist the resistance
  • Meetings with companies, organizations, politicians to influence decision makers
  • Articles in regional newspapers and appearances by BioGaia representatives in media

Twitter: @ResResistance


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Our business model

Thanks to a successful business model, BioGaia has been able to grow globally with a lean, efficient and agile organization.

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Distribution network

BioGaia has a strong network of distribution partners around the globe. Most of the around 80 partners are pharmaceutical or other health companies.

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Our products

BioGaia's products are sold through around 80 local distribution partners in 100 countries around the world.

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