Are there any side effects from taking BioGaia probiotics (Protectis/Gastrus/Prodentis)?

Since every gastrointestinal tract is unique some individuals might experience a temporary change in gut motility. BioGaia probiotics very rarely cause side effects in the amounts recommended for the products. Some individuals might experience gas (flatulence), but that generally disappears after a few days. No serious adverse effects have been observed in clinical trials up to the maximum tested dosage of 10 billion CFU per day.

Is it possible to make yoghurt by adding BioGaia’s probiotic L. reuteri strains to milk?

It cannot be recommended to use BioGaia’s probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri strains for yoghurt production. The BioGaia L. reuteri strains are probiotic bacteria of human origin that thrives in the human GI tract and exerts its effect there. It does not produce the right compounds that turn milk into yoghurt. They do not multiply properly and do not give texture or flavor to the product when fermented in any type of food.

BioGaia cannot take responsibility for the safety of “yoghurt products” produced at home with our probiotic strains.

Can BioGaia products be taken together with antibiotics?

Yes, BioGaia producs can be taken together with antibiotics. Antibiotics disrupt the natural balance in the gut. As BioGaia products help to maintain a balanced gut microbiota, they may reduce common side effects of antibiotics. We recommend to take the antibiotic two hours before or after the probiotic.

How should BioGaia Protectis drops be stored?

BioGaia Protectis drops comes in two different versions, we therefore recommend you to follow the instructions on the package. However, if room temperature is above 25°C/77°F we always recommend storage in the fridge.

Why does BioGaia Protectis drops come in a new delivery system?

In BioGaia we are constantly working on improving our products. The Easydropper is a new delivery system for probiotic products. It has an improved drop function which facilitates the administration of the product​ and less environmental impact compared to glass bottles.