The BioGaia share

The class B shares of BioGaia AB are listed on the Mid Cap list of the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm.
The total registered share capital of BioGaia AB consists of 740,668 class A shares and 16,595,794 class B shares, in total 17,336,462 shares.

The number of shareholders at 31 December 2018 was 8,908 (8,566).

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Analysts covering BioGaia

Carnegie, Kristofer Liljeberg
SEB, Carl Mellerby
Danske Bank, Daniel Albin


Dividend policy

BioGaia’s dividend policy is to pay a shareholder dividend equal to 40% of profit after tax.

Share capital development

YearTransactionIncrease in no of sharesIncrease in share capitalTotal share capital, SEKTotal no. Of A sharesTotal no. Of B sharesPar value SEKIssue proceeds, SEK
1990Company founded150,00030,0005
1991New share issue12,85764,285214,28542,85754,500,000
1993New share issue12,55462,770277,05555,41154,394,341
1995New share issue2,30311,515288,57057,7145806,009
1996Bonus issue/Split60,541,9865,771,4006,059,9704,740,27855,859,4220.1
1996New share issue18,200,0001,820,0007,879,9704,740,278
1997New share issue Banco Fonder2,608,696260,8708,140,8404,740,27874,059,4220.15,760,000
1997New share issue BioGaia Fermentation4,400,000440,0008,580,8404,740,27881,068,1180.17,469,000
1997*New share issue21,452,0992,145,21010,726,0505,925,347
1998New share issue5110,726,0505,925,35010,133,5150.120
1998Reverse split10,726,050592,53510,133,5151-
1998*New share issue (IPO on SSE)2,681,5122,681,51213,407,562740,66812,666,894157,934,131
2000*New share issue
2000*New share issue
2000New share issue Industrifonden100,000100,00017,207,562740,66816,466,8941100,000
2010New share issue,
warrant programme
2010New share issue,
warrant programme
2015New share issue,
warrant programme


Share curve

The picture shows the share development from 2013-2018