BioGaia sponsors the iGEM Stockholm team

BioGaia are proud sponsors of the iGEM Stockholm team. The team will participate in the world’s largest synthetic biology competition, The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) and consists of students from Karolinska Insitutet and Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. By participating in iGEM, teams of students collaborate with the goal of identifying and prototyping an engineered genetic machine that addresses a real-world problem or opportunity. In 2016 the competition expanded to 300 teams, reaching 42 countries and over 5,000 participants. The goal for the iGEM Stockholm team is to develop a lung probiotic that can degrade thick mucus and restore respiratory health.

See project video here


“We are convinced that innovative thinking and collaboration are keys to success for developing technologies that continue to drive the development of probiotics and are very happy to see that many students also are committed to this. We are therefore very happy to support this brilliant team of students and to collaborate with two top universities in Stockholm”, says Axel Sjöblad, Managing Director, BioGaia.

The iGEM 2017 event will take place 9-13 November in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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