Distribution partners

BioGaia has a strong network of distribution partners around the globe. Most of the around 60 partners are pharmaceutical or other health companies which sell BioGaia’s products in more than 90 countries.


In Europe, BioGaia’s largest market, acceptance and understanding of probiotics are relatively high among both consumers and healthcare professionals, although there are major differences between countries. Probiotics are most firmly established in Finland, Italy and a number of Eastern European countries. These are regarded as mature markets where probiotics are regularly recommended and used.


Asia offers major potential for BioGaia’s products, since this continent is densely populated. The understanding of what probiotics are varies widely between countries and, as a result, so does demand. In the small and prosperous country of Singapore, one package of ProTectis drops is sold for every second child that is born. Its heavily populated and relatively poor neighbour to the south, Indonesia, is characterised by a low level of knowledge among the public but enormous opportunities.

North America

In the US growth of the probiotics market is driven by a greater interest among consumers in health-enhancing products in general. Probiotics are now relatively well known and widely used in the form of yoghurt, beverages and dietary supplements. North America is BioGaia’s smallest region in terms of sales and see the potential for growth.

Rest of the world

The region Rest of the world is BioGaia’s fastest growing region thanks to an increase in sales in Brazil, together with solid growth in Chile, Peru and Mexico. Rest of World is now BioGaia’s second largest market.

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