Carbon Offset Project – Burn Manufacturing

Since 2013 BioGaia has bought carbon offsets for a large part of the Group’s climate emissions in the value chain. In the beginning of 2021 BioGaia bought carbon offsets for all known greenhouse gas emissions in the company’s value chain during 2019 and 2020 of 4,342 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalents. The offsets were purchased from Burn Manufacturing, an organisation recommended by and Burn Manufacturing designs, manufactures, and distributes a line of improved cooking stoves in East Africa, the use of which results in reduced emissions. Randomised controlled studies done on 1,000 households in Kenya have established a 39% reduction in charcoal use, which has been confirmed as persisting 18 months later. In addition to climate benefits, the project contributes to the livelihood for the users at a value of $ 119 / year, which is equivalent to a full month’s income for those who participated in the study. This provides significantly more scope for using the money for things that can take the users of the stoves out of poverty. The project is certified by Gold Standard, which is a standard that intends to ensure that carbon credits are real and verifiable and that projects make measurable contributions to sustainable development.

Burn Manufacturing Sustainability