BioGaia’s health-enhancing products are clinically tested, which means they are tested on humans. Research is conducted in an ethical manner with consumer safety as the top priority. By improving health through the use of probiotics, which are natural organisms without negative side effects for those who take them, it is hopefully possible to reduce the use of medications and antibiotics. In the long term, this will also have positive effects on the environment.


BioGaia foster a culture with the following values

  • My personal engagement is vital for BioGaia’s success
  • We are innovative and action-oriented
  • We are business-minded and deliver on our promises
  • We are honest, respectful and selfless in what we do and say

Other guidelines and ethical standpoints

  • BioGaia respects the applicable legislation
  • BioGaia condemns bribery and corruption
  • BioGaia’s ethical policy for animal studies*


*The clinical effects of BioGaia’s probiotics are demonstrated on humans in ethically approved clinical trials. In order to develop more effective methods for clinical studies, however, the researchers must understand the modes of action of BioGaia’s probiotics. For this purpose it can be necessary to use animal models. In such cases, BioGaia collaborates with well established research institutions and requires these to have independent ethical approval for such experimentation.