BioGaia’s international networks of researchers, suppliers and distributors is the basis of the business model. A large part of BioGaia’s influence and ability to make a difference is therefore in the value chain, outside the company’s own operations. BioGaia therefore collaborates continuously with its partners to steer operations in a sustainable direction.


Code of conduct for our partners

BioGaia has implemented a Code of Conduct for suppliers in order to achieve business ethical behaviour in the supply chain in accordance with the company’s values. The Supplier Code of Conduct specifies BioGaia’s minimum requirements within areas such as human rights, working conditions, environ- ment, business ethics and anti-corruption.
% that have signed the code of conduct 2018 2019
Contract manufacturers 100% 100%
Analysis services 85% 100%
Distributors 40% 85%


Ethics and safety in clinical trials

BioGaia has built up a unique network of international researchers with whom the company collaborates to ensure that all research complies with the highest possible scientific and ethical standards. In those studies where BioGaia supplies with study-product the company requires the researchers to follow the Declaration of Helsinki’s ethical principles for medical research. In all pre-clinical and clinical re- search where BioGaia is involved, accepted ethical standards must be applied. Human studies must be approved by a research ethics committee in the host country,
all participants must be informed about the study and provide their consent to participate. Further, the study protocol must always be approved by BioGaia and the study must be registered on a public website such as