Healthy products for everyone

Offering clinically documented and safe products is the core of BioGaia’s business. The company also works on improving the products from an environmental and social perspective to ensure that they are healthy in every way and for everyone.


Well-documented products

BioGaia offers products that are tested in well-executed independent studies. Prior to launching a product, BioGaia requires there to be a robust clinical scientific documentation. One of the company’s probiotic strains, L. reuteri DSM 17938, is the world’s most scientifically studied and still patented probiotic.

Transparent product information

BioGaia aims to ensure that the company’s products are of the highest quality and that they comply with international criteria for probiotics.

The company uses The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP11) criteria for probiotic products and how these should be labelled. BioGaia considers that all products meet these criteria.

1. ISAPP is a non-profit organisation that champions probiotic and prebiotic science.

ISAPP’s criteria BioGaia’s level of compliance with the criteria
Backed by science All BioGaia’s products are well documented in a total of more than 190 published clinical studies in all age groups.
Provides an effective dose BioGaia always uses the same quantity of bacteria per dose in products as has been used in clinical studies.
Provides the benefit I’m seeking BioGaia’s probiotic strains have been studied for several different conditions, such as colic, functional abdominal pain, constipation, side effects of antibiotics, diarrhoea and to prevent infection.
It’s safe for me All BioGaia’s strains have Qualified Presumption of Safety status (QPS), for more information see EFSA*. Safety for BioGaia’s strains has been the subject of more than 30 studies.
Names of the microbes BioGaia always states the genus, species and strain on the package, in scientific contexts and in market communication.
Colony Forming Units (CFUs). BioGaia guarantees the quantity of live organisms (CFU content) per dose at the expiration date for all products.
Suggested dose or serving size BioGaia always states the suggested dose on the package.
Proper storage conditions BioGaia always specifies how the product should be stored.
Company contact information Contact information is always on the package and BioGaia also has an ongoing dialogue with consumers on social media and by email.

* EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority is an agency with the primary purpose of advising legislators in the European Union on matters relating to food safety.


Product quality and product safety

BioGaia Quality Standard is the name of the list of demands that BioGaia makes to maintain high product quality and safety. The requirements cover, for example, how BioGaia shall relate to laws, regulations, customer demands, raw material require- ments and manufacturing standards.
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Production, both at external suppliers
and in our own production unit, BioGaia Production, takes place according to standardised processes and routines and by employees with relevant training in quality and product safety. BioGaia checks every single batch that is produced against the requirements specification and the analysis methods are quality assured.BioGaia monitors how well suppliers comply with quality requirements through regular inspections where any non-conformances, complaints and quality issues are reviewed. These also ensure that any action plans are satisfactory. The focus is on preventive measures. BioGaia’s contract manufacturers are certified according to the appropriate standards for good manufacturing practice.
BioGaia Production is certified by the Swedish Medical Products Agency according to the appropriate standard
for good manufacturing practice (GMP). At both BioGaia Production and the adjacent laboratory, Centre of Excellence, there is systematic work with risk manage- ment to ensure that potential risks are handled satisfactorily.

Thanks to high quality demands, BioGaia has never needed to recall products and there are very few complaints.