Value creation for BioGaia’s stakeholders

Brief explanations about BioGaia’s work and measures to create value for the company’s stakeholders. Figures from the financial year 2020.


BioGaia offers consumers probiotic products that contribute to improved health

  • 5 new products, all without palm oil
  • 46 product launches in new and existing markets



BioGaia offers its employees a meaningful and stimulating workplace where employees feel job satisfactions

  • 40 % women in Executive Management
  • 1,9 % sickness absence 2020 (BioGaia AB)
  • 160 employees



BioGaia builds long-term relationships with distributors and supports them within sales and marketing

  • 90 % have signed the Code of Conduct
  • 7 % average growth in past 5 years



Through good risk management and a long-term strategy BioGaia offers a stable value appreciation for its shareholders

  • 31 % operating margin



BioGaia contributes to development of suppliers through long-term relationships and being a reliable partner

  • 100 % of key suppliers have signed the Code of Conduct



BioGaia contributes to increased knowledge of probiotics

  • 14 % of net sales to research and development
  • 214 published articles (Dec 2020)
  • 13,900 individuals have participated in studies (Dec 2020)



BioGaia contributes to society by being a good citizen and by offering products that contribute to improved health

  • 47,9 MSEK in tax
  • 3,7 MSEK in charities
  • Lower cost to society for ill health