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BioGaia collaborates with researchers at some 50 universities and clinics in a unique, global network. All studies must have ethical approval and BioGaia encourages researchers to publish their results but otherwise has no influence on the studies.



80% Pediatrics

BioGaia contributes to improved well­being with probiotic bacteria that make a difference to digestive and oral health. The products are safe and clinically tested, of high quality and sold in smart packages.



488 Patents

BioGaia has 488 patents in 32 patent families. The company has registered trademarks in 70 countries in addition to the EU and owns 76 Internet domain names.



143 Employees in the Group

BioGaia offers its employees a stimulating workplace with a culture in which each individual has an opportunity to develop and influence his or her work situation. A good balance between work and leisure lays the foundation for the long­term health of employees.


Distribution partners

80 Distribution partners

BioGaia builds long­term partner relationships with distributors who are present where the products are sold. BioGaia supports distributors within sales and marketing.


Share holders

21% Growth 37% Operating margin

As a result of good risk management, integrated sustainability initiatives and controlled costs, BioGaia will increase shareholder value and continue its profitable growth through its strong business model.