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Welcome to a world of probiotics

BioGaia is an innovative Swedish healthcare company and has been a world-leader in dietary supplements with probiotics for more than 30 years. Over the years we have created networks of leading, independent researchers and specialists, manufacturing experts and local distribution partners worldwide. Our products are recommended by pediatricians and other healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries.

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Skinome launches pioneering skincare probiotic following collaboration with BioGaia

Sep 22, 2022

BioGaia and Skinome have collaborated on the research and development of a product with live bacteria that can improve skin...
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Press releases

MetaboGen and BioGaia open pilot plant for new bacterial strains

Aug 29, 2022

BioGaia is developing probiotic products and expanding its product portfolio with new bacterial strains, developed together with the wholly-owned...
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Regulatory press releases

BioGaia AB Interim Management Statement – January – June 2022

Jul 22, 2022

SECOND QUARTER 2022 · Net sales amounted to SEK 288.1 million (203.1), an increase of SEK 85.0 million,...
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