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Bacteria were the first form of life to “populate” the Earth some four billion years ago and is still today they dictate the conditions for our existence. Throughout evolution bacteria, like Lactobacillus reuteri has been faithful to its host and has developed in symbiosis with us humans.

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Project Leader ( based in Stockholm or in Lund)

Feb 23, 2018

BioGaia is currently looking for a driven and experienced Project Leader for a 12 months+ maternity cover (temporary position). It’...
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Interview with CEO Axel Sjöblad (Q4 2017)

Feb 12, 2018

Axel Sjöblad, Managing Director of BioGaia AB, summarizes the fourth quarter of 2017 and answers the following questions: Q4...
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BioGaia Protectis with vitamin D now available at Apoteket AB, Apotek Hjärtat and Apotea

Feb 12, 2018

Together with Medhouse AB, BioGaia expands its operations in Sweden by launching BioGaia Protectis with vitamin D at selected pharmacy...
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The fight against
antibiotic resistance


Feb 23

Sick and ill children are the ones that suffer when common antibiotics disappears.

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