Warning: Scam posting/telephone calls/emails regarding employment opportunities in the US

BioGaia AB and BioGaia Biologics Inc have become aware of scammers trying to take advantage of job candidates by pretending to represent BioGaia in the US. They send posts, emails and make telephone calls designed to closely resemble official posts, emails and telephone calls from BioGaia. Such false posts, emails and telephone scams request payment as part of the fake application process. Please be aware that BioGaia would never request payment from potential or prospective employees in this way and as such, if any post/email/telephone call is directed to you regarding a potential employment opportunity from BioGaia and such post/email/telephone call requests payment of a fee, please be advised that this is an illegitimate offer and should be disregarded.

If you have any questions in relation to the above, please contact us at info@biogaia.se.



Work at BioGaia

We see good relations with our employees as a success factor. For 28 years we have built our brand on the trust in our employees' skills, their personal commitment and their desire to develop. It is the employees who have created today's BioGaia. And it is also the employees who are the key to continued success. In the recruitment of new employees we are consistent and base it on competence need, our values and our desire to grow. Continue to Vacant positions


We foster a culture with the following values

  • My personal engagement is vital for of BioGaia's success
  • We are innovative and action-oriented
  • We are business-minded and deliver on our promises
  • We are honest, respectful and selfless in what we do and say


BioGaia one of the best on equality

Allbright Foundation released its annual report on gender equality amongst management teams and boards in Swedish companies. In recent reports BioGaia have been one of the companies with the strongest development, and in the latest report from September 2017 BioGaia was on position 13. This years report involved a total of 298 Swedish companies.

BioGaia is well aware of the importance of equality and like any other larger company has an equality plan. The BioGaia equality plan states, among other things, that:

  • An equal company is a better company
  • An equal company is more fun to work for
  • An equal company is a more profitable company


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