A foundation to prevent antibiotic resistance

In 2017, BioGaia founded “The Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance”, also known as PAR Foundation.
An independent foundation with the aim of preventing antibiotic resistance through support for research, education and information activities. This area is related to BioGaia’s business since probiotics can contribute to strengthening the immune system and thus to reduced use of antibiotics.

Bacteria which develop resistance to antibiotic treatment risk undermining modern healthcare. Resistance to antibiotics is a threat to people in the whole world, where everything from pneumonia and cuts, to organ transplants and caesarean sections are at risk from life-threatening, untreatable infections.

Attention to antibiotic resistance has increased during the past decades, but research on preventive measures is a neglected area. BioGaia intends to, providing the approval of the Annual General Meeting, annually allocate part of the company’s profits to the foundation. See further information about the foundation and distributed grants on the foundation’s website parfoundation.org .


The Foundation To Prevent Antibiotic Resistance


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